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``spesialist tas, produk bergaransi, harga paling murah, buktikan sendiri!!"
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Mr. Edy Santoso [Director/CEO/General Manager]



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Y!: Y!: bestsantoso
WhatsApp: 081333224799 081333224799
LINE: esprobag esprobag
Kakao Talk: 081333224799 081333224799
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Phone number of Mr. Edy Santoso at Sidoarjo

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Mobile number of Mr. Edy Santoso at Sidoarjo


Permata Regency E2/10 Tanggulangin Sidoarjo
Sidoarjo 61272, Jawa Timur

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website utama : http: / /
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tas kulit ransel laptop exclusive


tas kulit ransel laptop berbahan kulit asli produk handmade, kualitas terbaik, awet dan exclusive minimum order 100 pcs, bisa dibordir nama perusahaan/ perorangan lama pengerjaan....
Tas Seminar Murah Batik Ransel Laptop Selempang dan Tas Kerja Diklat

Rp. 25.000 - 125.000 / Pieces (tergantung model bahan dan QTY)

Manufacturers Bag Seminar, Seminar Offers The Book Bag, Backpack Bag Seminar, and a Qualified Batik Bag Seminar. for Event Goodies Bag, Working Meeting, Training and Promotion....
Ransel Sekolah Trendy,  ransel model baru

Rp. 65.500 - 100 / Unit (@Rp. 65.500 minimum order 100 pcs)

Trendy School backpack, backpack new models

School Bags And Backpacks attractive style

Design 2 color combination of black and color of your choice

material: D600

tas travel olahraga TB-309

Rp. 265.000 / Pieces (nego call: 087754190888)

travel sport bag
code TB-309
Colour: Black
Materia: l Coldural
Size: 48 x 14 x 28 cm
Info Call: 081333224799, 087754190888, 081553042479
Tas Ransel Raket Turnamen Olahraga


Combining the best features of a traditional bag and a backpack, the Yonex Large Backpack gives you room to cover your whole racquet – making sure that your grip isn’ t exposed to....
Espro Mini Make Up Bag

35000 / Pieces nego call: 087754190888

Espro Mini Make Up Bag ( Code: TC-03)
Size: 12 x 6 x 20 cm
material: D.600
Visite espro website on
info call: 081333224799 , 087754190888, 085755794567
Espro Sport Bag RO-815

Rp. 189.000 / Pieces (nego call: 087754190888)

Espro Sport Bag RO-815
Size: 34 x 21 x 50 cm
Material: Coldural
Info Call: 081333224799, 087754190888, 081553042479
Esprobags Ransel Laptop Urban Soul-Hitam

Rp. 189.000 / Pieces (nego call: 087754190888)

Esprobags Ransel Urban Sou new design
Code: RL-460 US
Material: Derby Mixed D.300
Size: 32 x 12 x 44, 5 cm
Info Call: 081333224799, 087754190888, 081553042479
Peluang Reseller Dan Keagenan

nego call: 087754190888

Investasi Regional
as reseller or dropship
ID Card dengan snap magnetik

Rp. 35.000 / Pieces (nego call: 087754190888)

ID card with snap magnetik
Code; IDK 01
Material: leather
colour: black
info call: 081333224799 , 087754190888, 085755794567
Ipad compartemen

Rp. 98.500 / Pieces

Ipad compartemen
Code: SL-80
colour: black
weight: 0, 5 kg
material: Polyester
Katalog Tas Ransel Bestseller

nego call: 087754190888

Esprobags its best producer from Sidoarjo, Jawa Timur. example we produce bag: Backpack, Ransel, and bag from child etc.
Espro organizer medical kit

Rp. 175.000 / Pieces (nego call: 087754190888)

Espro organizer medical kit
Code: Organizer Medical Kit 911
Material: Derby
Size: 26 x 9 x 16 cm
Colour: Red
Espro Neo Ransel Trendy

Rp. 65.500 / Pieces (nego call: 087754190888)

Espro Neo Ransel Trendy
code: RL-783

Design with two colur combination by request.
material: D600
Size: 29 x 15 x 31 cm
Tas Selempang terbaru kode MB-98 etnik

nego call: 087754190888

etnic sling bag
code: MB-98 etnic
material: D600, D300 mixed
stripes: by request
size: 9 1/ 2 " x 11 1/ 4 " x 3 "
Tas seminar kerja etnik WH-79

Rp. 89.500 / Pieces (nego call: 087754190888)

exclusive and can use for meeting, event, symphosium, etc.

can added screen printing or embroidery
Tas pinggang dengan wadah botol minum WT-138

Rp. 42.500 / Pieces (nego call: 087754190888)

waist bag with bottle container
code: WT-138
Material: D600
Colour: by request
Tas Ransel Anak Kode BC-09 Two Tone

nego call: 087754190888

day backpack child code bc-09 two tone
material babyriptock
with two tone and can colour request
Espro Arya Sling Bag Leather-Brown

Rp. 750.000 / Pieces (nego call: 087754190888)

Esprob Arya Sling Bag Leather_ Brown
model: sling bag
material: cow leather
size: 39 x 8 x 32 cm
weight: 1, 5 kg
Tas Kerja Multifungsi Kode: DL-880

Rp. 95.000 / Pieces (nego call: 087754190888)

work bag multifunction
code: DL-880
material: babyripstock
colour: green
size: 40 x 9 x 30 cm
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